Hunting Trip Information

Hunting trip donations are for four hunters and are valid for the seasons depicted by Charity Safaris. Packages are not photo safaris and cannot be exchanged for one though the group may add one at an additional cost at some destinations. Observers cannot take the place of a hunter. However, observers can join the trip for an additional fee.

Observer Fees

  • New Zealand: $1,250 (a $250 deposit and balance paid to the outfitter)
  • Argentina: $1,250 (a $250 deposit and balance paid to the outfitter)
  • South Africa: $1,750 (a $250 deposit and balance paid to the outfitter)

Kids Observer Fees

  • New Zealand: TBD
  • Argentina: For kids 13 to 17, are $300 each
  • South Africa: Kids under 12 are $400 each. For kids, 13 to 17 are $800 each.

Trophy Fee Deposits

A trophy fee deposit is required to set your hunting trip reservation. Once Charity Safaris receive the deposit, the outfitter will block your dates. Since space is limited on all dates, this deposit assures the outfitter that you will arrive on the dates you choose. Your trophy fee deposit is applied 100% towards your trophy fee bill at the end of the hunt. Trophy fee deposits are as follows.

  • New Zealand – $2,000 per hunter
  • South Africa – $1,500 per hunter
  • Argentina – $1,500 per hunter

Auction winners must reserve their hunt dates within 60 days of winning a package.  Hunter and observer deposits are required to confirm hunting trip reservations and are not refundable or assignable to other hunters or observers in your group.  A hunter or observer that doesn’t show up on arrival day loses their deposits.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.  All trophy fee deposits are applied 100% to your trophy fee bill at the end of your hunting trip.  The remaining incurred trophy fees are due on the last day of the hunt.    

Animal Harvest Minimums

Hunters must harvest a minimum number of animals on all charity auction hunts.
  • New Zealand: One (1) red stag with a minimum score of 350 SCI
  • South Africa: Three (3) animals of your choice per the South Africa trophy fee sheet.
  • Argentina: Two (2) animals of your choice per the Argentina trophy fee price sheet.

Hunters who do not conform to this requirement can be charged a supplemental fee.

South Africa Booking Incentive

Book in the following months, and each hunter receives a trophy fee credit. Trophy fee credit is per hunter and cannot be transferred to another hunter. Customers must harvest the three-animal minimum to qualify. Trophy fee credit can only be applied to trophy fees and no other services or non-hunter activities. South Africa Promotion

  • February – $500.00 per hunter
  • March– $500.00 per hunter
  • April – $500.00 per hunter
  • September – $500.00 per hunter
  • October – $500.00 per hunter
  • November – $500.00 per hunter

Consignment Hunts

Our standard no cost to charity hunts in Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa may not be switched to any Charity Safaris hunts that have a minimum bid.

Credit Cards

Charity Safaris does not accept credit cards. However, personal, business, credit card checks and bank wires are accepted.

Rescheduling Fees

Now that Pandemic-related trip cancellations and rescheduling are over, Charity Safaris will return to its previous rescheduling policy. Charity Safaris may charge an administrative fee of $150 to reschedule your hunting trip due to cancelation. This will be in addition to any last-minute cancellation fees imposed by the outfitter, who will add this fee due at the end of your hunt. Please inquire with the outfitter directly about cancellation fees.

Trip Cancellation & Refunds

A hunter, observer, or group who cancels their hunting trip for any reason is not entitled to a refund. All deposits for both hunters and observers are non-refundable for any reason. Hunters may reschedule their trips instead of cancellation per the Rescheduling Fees section of this Disclaimer. Contact Charity Safaris for information on trip cancellation insurance.

Liability Waiver

Each hunter and the non-hunting observer will be required to sign a liability waiver. Due to the fluid nature of the international hunting industry, Charity Safaris reserves the right to revise our program at any time without prior notice. Revisions may include hunts sold at auction, where we subsequently determine that the featured outfitter(s) no longer meet our performance standards. In those cases, an alternate hunting trip of equal or higher value will replace the previous trip as deemed appropriate to ensure a quality hunt for your members.

Your auction hunt is transferrable.

Charity donation hunts are transferable to a friend or family member within the 60-day redemption period. Additionally, you may add additional hunters at promotional prices and, in some cases, at no additional charge (please inquire). The auction trip purchaser agrees to the Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy of