Consignment Hunt Request

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As one of the country’s leading fundraising sites, Charity Safaris supports many non-profit charities and local organizations in the United States and Canada.


The following hunting trips are available on a consignment basis.  Each trip has a guaranteed profit if sold at the minimum bid.  In addition, any amount raised over the minimum bid also goes to the charity organization.

Consignment Hunts include one hunter and observer fee and the trophy fees for the animals in each package.

Consignment trips are only available for Live and Silent Auctions.  Consignment hunts may be sold up to three times in Live Auctions and to the 1st and 2nd Place bids on Silent Auctions as long as minimum bids are reached.

The Trip Winner Form must be emailed to Charity Safaris within five days of the auction close.  Then Charity Safaris will invoice the Fundraiser for the hunting trip for the minimum bid less the guaranteed profit.  Charity Safaris invoices are sent on a Net 10-Day basis.

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